Pool and spa barriers - inspection process

Pools and spas must be registered and regularly inspected and certified. See the overall process and a step by step guide

This page gives more detail about the inspection process, who can do the inspections, and what happens if your barriers don't comply.

Finding an inspector

Any building surveyor or building inspector who is registered with the Victorian Building Authority is able to inspect and certify your safety barriers.

A list is available by searching: VBA's Find a practitioner directory

Can Council help me find a building surveyor or building inspector?

Council is unable to recommend or provide details of building surveyors or building inspectors that can inspect your safety barriers. 

You can also use the VBA's Find a practitioner directory to check if a building practitioner or company is registered.

Will Council inspect my safety barriers?

No, Council will not perform the certification inspection. Council will be following up on those that do not register their swimming pools or spas or have not had their barriers inspected and certified. Council will only inspect pools to confirm that a pool or spa has been decommissioned.

Council recently inspected my safety barriers. Do I have to have them inspected again?

Yes. While Council may have recently inspected your safety barriers, the changes to the Building Act require all swimming pool or spa safety barriers to be reinspected and certified by the required dates.


There will be a cost to have your safety barriers inspected by a registered building surveyor or a registered building inspector: this price will vary depending on the individual inspector/inspection

The cost of the inspection of the safety barriers will be up to the individual inspector and will depend on your particular circumstances. Consider getting quotes from several companies to ensure a better rate.

What happens if my barriers don’t comply?

  • If the defects are minor, the inspector may give you an opportunity to fix the defects by a set date. You will work with your inspector on what is required and be given a date for the follow-up inspection.
    If the barrier is still not compliant at the next inspection, the inspector must issue a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Non-compliance and provide this directly to Council.
  • If the barrier cannot be made to comply within the maximum time period
  • If the nature of the non-compliance includes certain prescribed matters
  • If the nature of the non-compliance poses a significant and immediate risk to life or safety

The inspector will issue a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Non-compliance and provide it to Council.

Once Council receives a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Non-compliance, they will issue a non-compliance fee of $424.60 and use their existing powers under the Building Act to address the non-compliance.