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Your rates explained

Property rates

The Victorian Government rate cap for 2019/2020 is 2.5%. This means the average property rate must not be more than 2.5% higher than last year. It is not a limit on how much your individual property rates can increase. This depends on your property’s valuation this year compared to last year and how that change compares with other properties in Maroondah.

As a result, your rates may have increased by more than 2.5%, they may have increased by less than 2.5% or they may have decreased.

How we calculate your property rates

How much you pay in property rates is determined by the valuation of your property multiplied by the declared rate in the dollar.

How your rates are calculated


The Victorian Government legislates that properties are valued every year.  The valuation in place for 2019/2020 financial year occurred as at 1 January 2019. The undertaking of valuations in Victoria is now the responsibility of the Valuer-General Victoria. 

Victorian Government Fire Services Levy

The Victorian Government increased the Fire Services levy for 2019/20. This amount is determined by the Victorian Government and is not limited by the rate cap. It varies depending on your property type and the fire services district that you are in (MFB/CFA).

This charge is collected by Councils and fully transferred to the Victorian Government.

Your rates at work

The 2019/20 Budget outlines the provision of financial resources for the next 12 months and details how these resources will be applied to deliver the more than 120 services and extensive range of programs and activities Council provides to the Maroondah community.

The Budget and the Long Term Financial Strategy have been developed through a rigorous process, and will ensure Council continues to meet the high level and variety of service expected by our community, while ensuring long term financial sustainability within the rate capping environment.

With a growing population and increasing pressure placed on Local Government to extend its provision of services, this remains an ongoing challenge. We are confident that the 2019/20 Budget represents a balanced, sustainable and responsible platform that will see enhance services for our community; the protection of Council’s $1.87 billion in net assets; the delivery of extensive capital projects to continue transforming Maroondah; and the provision of a financially prudent future for our ratepayers.

The 2019/20 Budget links to the achievements of the Council Plan 2017-2021: Year 3 as part of an integrated planning framework. The Budget identifies the resourcing to meet 59 initiatives, including 20 major initiatives, as identified in the Council Plan.

These initiatives respond to the wants and needs of the community, and will contribute to the achievement of the four-year Council Plan key directions and ultimately deliver the preferred outcomes in Maroondah 2040 – Our future together.


An allocation of over $3.53 million has been made to maintain and upgrade our recreational facilities such as playgrounds, golf courses, sportsfields and reserve bridges. This includes $620,000 for playground renewals throughout Maroondah, including at Melview Reserve; and $900,000 towards the sportsfield surface renovations at Quambee Reserve. It also includes $120,000 for sports infrastructure renewal such as cricket nets and coaches boxes and $160,000 for tennis and netball court surfacing, nets and fencing; along with $200,000 for footbridge replacement works.


Maroondah’s extensive system of stormwater drains, which extend more than 760 lineal kilometres, will receive $2.69 million for drainage improvement works. Projects include $150,000 for drainage upgrade works at Hender Street, Ringwood East; and $250,000 for easement drainage construction at Todd Court Croydon. Other works include waterway rectification and bank stabilisation at Landau Drive, Warranwood; easement drainage upgrade at Vine Street, Ringwood; and Stage 1 of the Sherbrook Catchment flood mitigation works in Ringwood.


A total of $9.57 million has been allocated to the 510 Council buildings and structures to improve these assets to a high standard and ensure the community has access to safe and appropriate facilities. The projects include the commencement of the redevelopment of pavilions and facilities at Cheong Park, HE Parker, Silcock and Springfield reserves; completion of public toilets at Warrien Reserve; and building renewal and accessibility works at various locations including public toilets and pavilion at Quambee Reserve; the pavilion at Griff Hunt Reserve; and Maroondah Montessori Preschool in Ringwood East.


Council maintains over 475 kilometres of roads and 600 kilometres of constructed footpaths and will provide funding of more than $7.61 million on roads, footpaths, local area traffic management and commercial centres. These works include road resealing and renewal of Emerald Street, Ringwood; New Street, Ringwood between Maroondah Highway and Sylvia Grove; and Stage 2 reconstruction of Lincoln Road between Dornoch Court and Dorset Road. Carpark improvements will be undertaken at Mullum Mullum Reserve in Ringwood.

More than $2.8 million will be used on footpath construction and replacement works as well as improved footpath disability access at numerous locations across the municipality. Works include new footpaths along Armstrong Road, Heathmont between Canterbury Road and the railway line; and Rosebank Avenue, Ringwood North. Bicycle and shared paths will also be improved, including $300,000 on the Taralla Creek Trail.


Maroondah City Council provides more than 120 different services to the 117,498 members of our community, including:

  • The creation and delivery of more than 40,000 Meals on Wheels meals every year.
  • 90 school crossing supervisors helping children and families safely get to and from kindergarten and school at 73 school crossings – rain, hail or shine.
  • Close to 15,500 hours of Social Inclusion and Wellbeing programs for older residents and people with a disability; and more than 250 hours of support annually to residents of Maroondah Supported Residential Services.
  • Keeping our community active and healthy at our seven Maroondah Leisure facilities, including Aquanation, Aquahub, Croydon Memorial Pool, Ringwood and Dorset Golf, Maroondah Nets, and The Rings.
  • Maternal & Child Health services through seven centres across the municipality.
  • Community events, such as Maroondah Festival, Carols by Candlelight, Australia Day, Run Maroondah, and Reconciliation Week, which attract participation from over 50,000 people each year.
  • A fully accredited immunisation service, which delivers more than 10,000 vaccinations each year.
  • Services and programs for young people aged 12 to 25, including drop-in programs and support services.

Total income

Rates & charges $92.34m 66.74%
User fees $26.92m 19.46%
Operating grants $8.41m 6.08%
Contributions monetary $4.20m 3.03%
Statutory fees & fines $4.83m 3.49%
Capital grants $0.36m 0.26%
Interest $1.30m 0.94%
Total $138.36m 100%

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