Your rates explained

Property rates

The Victorian Government rate cap for 2023/2024 is 3.5%. This means the average property rate must not be more than 3.5% higher than last year. It is not a limit on how much your individual property rates can increase. This depends on your property’s valuation this year compared to last year and how that change compares with other properties in Maroondah.

As a result, your rates may have increased by more than 3.5%, they may have increased by less than 3.5% or they may have decreased.

How we calculate your property rate

How much you pay in property rates is determined by the valuation of your property multiplied by the declared rate in the dollar.

Pictorial explaining how your rates are calculated. Council rates / combined value of all rateable properties = 'the rate in the dollar' x market value of your property = your general rates


The Victorian Government legislates that properties are valued every year. The valuation in place for 2023/2024 financial year occurred as at 1 January 2023. The undertaking of valuations in Victoria is now the responsibility of the Valuer-General Victoria. 

Waste service charge

The waste service charge on your rates notice refers to the collection and disposal of waste from your residence.

This waste service charge is itemised on your rates notice, and included in your total rates. 

If you wish to make any changes to the waste services you receive, please contact Council on 1300 88 22 33.

Victorian Government Fire Services Levy

The Victorian Government increased the Fire Services levy for 2023/24. This amount is determined by the Victorian Government and is not limited by the rate cap. It varies depending on your property type.

This charge is collected by Councils and fully transferred to the Victorian Government.

When are the Rate and Valuation Notices sent?

The Rate and Valuation Notices are usually sent between July and September each year.

Your rates at work 

Total income 2023


Approx. % of the total

Rates & Charges



Capital Grants



User Fees



Operating Grants



Contributions monetary



Statutory Fees & Fines









For more information, view the 2023/24 Annual Budget.

Projects for our community

Council’s $48.25 million Capital Works Program ensures our assets meet the needs of our community now and into the future. 

An allocation of $5.78 million has been made to maintain and upgrade our recreational facilities such as playgrounds, golf courses, sportsfields, reserve bridges, parks and open space. This includes $214,000 which will be used for sportsfield lighting improvements across the city, $265,000 for sports infrastructure renewal such as cricket nets, coaches boxes and scoreboards, along with $385,000 for golf course improvement works. A total of $559,000 will go towards playground renewals throughout Maroondah, including reserves at Packham Place, Wonga Park, Ambrie Avenue, Ringwood and Munro Street, Ringwood.

The Budget also allows for $586,000 to be spent on implementing a streetscape enhancement program, including a significant increase in tree planting as well as $1.3 million towards Stage 1 of the Reimagining Tarralla Creek project.


Maroondah’s extensive system of stormwater drains, which extend more than 790 lineal kilometres, will receive $2.83 million for drainage improvement works. Projects include Stage 2 of the Sherbrook Catchment Works in Ringwood and the upgrade of the easement drains at Murray Road, Croydon and Todd Court, Croydon. 
A significant investment of $30.12 million has been allocated to the 533 Council buildings and structures to improve these assets to a high standard and ensure the community has access to safe and appropriate facilities.
The projects include the redevelopment of pavilions and facilities at Ainslie Park, Cheong Park, Springfield Reserve and Dorset Reserve. It also includes establishing a regional cricket hub at Jubilee Park sporting precinct; undertaking the staged redevelopment of the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct; improving accessibility to Council facilities for people with disabilities; and designing and constructing activity centre carparks in Croydon, Ringwood, Heathmont and Heatherdale stations.
Council maintains over 485 kilometres of roads and 600 kilometres of constructed footpaths and will provide funding of $3.96 million on roads, local area traffic management and commercial centres. These works include the reconstruction of Arnold Street, Ringwood; Eastfield Road between Mount Dandenong Road and the railway bridge and Tintern Avenue, Ringwood East. Carparks will be improved at Gracedale Park and Dorset Recreation Reserve.
More than $2.3 million will be used on footpath construction and replacement works as well as improved footpath disability access at numerous locations across the municipality. Works include new footpaths along various sections of Yarra Road, Croydon, and along Power Street, Croydon; and Tagell Road and Tudor Court in Heathmont. Bicycle and shared paths will also be improved, including along the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail and the Tarralla Creek Trail.

Supporting our community

  • Rate payment assistance: While we are continuing to provide essential services to our community, we are acutely aware of the financial difficulties people may be experiencing. If there are any ratepayers who are having difficulty paying their rates, they are encouraged to contact Council’s Revenue Services team to discuss arrangements based on individual circumstances.
  • COVID-19 Recovery Plan: The Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan was developed following extensive community engagement, with more than 2800 responses from community members. The plan identifies our priority outcome areas and actions on how we will support our community in recovery. Many of these actions are in partnership with community organisations and include the areas of community health, family support, food relief and mental health services. Council will continue to offer a range of mental health and wellbeing initiatives, family support and emergency relief.
  • Delivered meals for people ages 65 years and over: Our Delivered Meals program is available for people 65 years or over (50 years and over if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity) who need nutritious food or who have difficulty preparing or shopping for meals.
  • Social support for older people: We are continuing to support older people who are experiencing loneliness or isolation due to the pandemic. Our Kerrabee Social Support team is supporting clients, often remotely, with initiatives that can include home delivered weekly activity packs; telephone and video group chats and physical exercise activities. If you know a Maroondah resident who is aged 65 years and over (50 years and over if of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity) they may be eligible for subsidised access to the program through the My Aged Care Commonwealth Home  Support Service. A low weekly fee applies.

More information 

Download a copy of our Rates brochure 2023-24(PDF, 2MB)