Submission process

Council seeks consultation with the Maroondah community in a variety of ways.  One way is via the submission process prescribed by section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 for items requiring a Council resolution. These include making a local law, budget processes, special charges or the renaming of a street.

Specifically, the statutory process prescribes:

  • A Public Notice of the proposal be given in newspapers (for Maroondah, the Age and local newspapers) and be posted on Council's website.
  • Written submissions can be lodged on the proposal within 28 days of the advertisement appearing in the Age.
  • A committee is appointed to consider and hear submissions.
  • Council deliberates on the submissions and comes to a decision on the proposal.

The Councillors' role in the process is confined to:

  • agreeing by Council resolution to place the issue out on public consultation process via the submission process
  • forming a Committee to consider and hear submissions - usually made up of three Councillors
  • final Council deliberation and decision on the issue.
If you have any queries regarding any matter that has been advertised by Council under section 223, contact us.