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Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024/25 Update)

The Council Plan 2021-2025 is Maroondah City Council’s medium-term strategic document and plays a vital role in shaping Maroondah’s future over a four-year period. It identifies both challenges and opportunities for our community at local and regional levels within the context of Maroondah 2040: Our future together. It also forms the basis for Council to make decisions regarding resources and priorities in response to community needs and aspirations.

Each year, Council undertakes a revision of the four-year Council Plan. This helps to ensure that the Council Plan continues to be aligned with Maroondah 2040: Our future together and is responsive to emerging community needs and aspirations. The annual review also helps to ensure that all Council service planning, strategies, policies and processes take their lead from the key directions outlined within the Council Plan.

The Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024/25 Update) has been prepared and is now available.  

Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024/25 Update)(PDF, 6MB)

Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024/25 Update)(DOCX, 440KB)

The Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024/25 Update) will be formally considered for adoption at a Council Meeting to be held on Monday 24 June 2024 commencing at 7.30pm.

Council Plan 2021-2025 (2023/24 Update) 

The Council Plan 2021-2025 (2023/24 Update) is Maroondah City Council’s medium-term strategic document that sets key directions and priority actions to work towards the long-term community vision outlined in Maroondah 2040: Our future together.

The Council Plan 2021-2025 has been informed by the inputs and recommendations of a Deliberative Panel of 40 community members that came together of a period of six weeks to deliberate on the topics of health and wellbeing; liveable communities; environment; and assets; as well as broad community engagement undertaken for the development, and recent interim review, of the Maroondah 2040 Community Vision; Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan; and Maroondah Liveability, Wellbeing and Resilience Strategy 2021-2031.

The Council Plan is implemented through a service delivery planning process, and outcomes are measured and reported regularly. Achievements are reported back to Council and the community through the Maroondah City Council Annual Report at the end of each financial year.

The key directions and priority actions are grouped under the eight broad outcome areas of Maroondah 2040: Our future together and provide the structure for the Council Plan 2021-2025.

Significant projects identified for delivery include:

  • Monitor the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide responses aligned to community needs.
  • Infrastructure upgrades to sporting facilities at Jubilee, Proclamation, Springfield, Cheong and Ainslie Parks, and at Dorset Recreation, Silcock and JW Manson Reserves.
  • Develop and implement the Maroondah Liveability, Wellbeing and Resilience Strategy 2021-2031 (including the Health and Wellbeing Action Plan and Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021-2025).
  • Implement the Bayswater Business Precinct Transformation Strategy.
  • Design the Karralyka Centre redevelopment, and undertake staged works.
  • Review, update and implement Council’s Sustainability Strategy 2022-2031, including development of a Climate Change Plan.
  • Develop and implement Council’s Waste, Litter & Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2030.
  • Design and construct activity centre carparks in Croydon and Ringwood.
  • Work in partnership with the Victorian Government to support the removal of level crossings at Bedford Road Ringwood; Dublin Road Ringwood East and Coolstore Road Croydon; and the construction of new stations at Ringwood East and Croydon.
  • Develop a new Croydon Structure Plan (including urban design guidelines).
  • Undertake a staged development of the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct.
  • Implement the Gender Equality Act 2020, including Council’s Gender Equality Action Plan.
  • Implement the new Local Government Act 2020.
  • Advocate on key local issues on behalf of the Maroondah community, in the lead up to the Australian and Victorian Government elections.

To help the Council achieve the long-term community vision outlined in Maroondah 2040: Our future together, the Council Plan sets the priority actions, key directions and outcomes to work towards. The Council Plan is reviewed every year to make sure it reflects the changing needs and goals of our community.

The Council Plan is aligned to the Financial Plan and Budget which document the financial and non-financial resources required by Council to implement the key directions and priority actions identified in the Council Plan.

Current Council Plan

Council Plan 2021-2025 (2023/24 Update)(DOCX, 438KB)

Council Plan 2021-2025 (2023/24 Update)(PDF, 11MB)

Previous Council Plans

Council Plan 2021-2025 (2022/23 Update)(DOCX, 2MB)

Council Plan 2021-2025 (2022/23 Update)(PDF, 9MB)

Council Plan 2021-2025(DOCX, 1MB)

Council Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 10MB)