Rubbish collections in Easy English

Our Easy English pages give you information that is clear and easy to understand. They are designed for people that find it hard to read, because of a disability or when English is not their main language.

FOGO Bin Truck collection.png

  Your rubbish is collected once a week.

  See waste calendar

two bins with a red and green lid

  from your naturestrip. 

Bin Schedule online search tool

  You can type in your address and look up your collection day:

  Search my address


  You can also book 2 free hard rubbish/prunings collections each year.  

  Book a collection


You have three bins

General waste bin with green or red lid

  A bin for rubbish with a green or red lid.

  Use this for your rubbish. 

  See more about your rubbish bin

FOGO bin graphic tile.png

  A bin for garden and food waste with a lime green lid.

  Use this for twigs, small branches, grass, leaves, dead flowers as well as food scraps like fruit, vegetables, meat, bones, cheese and more.

  See more about your FOGO bin

Recycling bin graphic tile.png

  A bin for recyclables with a blue lid.

  Use this for newspapers, bottles and plastic items.

  See more about your recycling bin

Bin Lid Braille sticker.PNG

  If you are blind or have low vision you can get a braille sticker to help show which bin is which.

  See more about this.


See more detailed information on our rubbish services