Maroondah Street Tree Renewal Project

The Street Tree Renewal Project aims to enhance and extend Maroondah’s street tree canopy and ensure the social and environmental benefits of a thriving urban canopy into the future.

Council hopes to create beautiful, green neighbourhoods which facilitate walking, cycling and street activities and continue to define the leafy character of Maroondah.

The Street Tree Renewal Program aims to renew the tree plantings in streets and neighbourhoods where the current street trees do not conform to standards of growth or habit; which are not uniform with the dominant species within that street and/or the original Planning approvals; or which are coming to the end of their useful life - expectancy.

Streets which are identified as having low canopy cover or a high proportion of street trees which require renewal may be incorporated into the Street Tree Renewal Project.

Trees which are considered historically or personally significant to residents or the broader community, or perform important habitat or environmental services, will be assessed as part of the renewal process.  

Choosing Street Trees

Street trees are chosen for their shape, environmental benefits, drought resistance and ease of maintenance.

Trees selected for planting in Maroondah must perform well in our climate and soils and meet aesthetic requirements.

Factors such as tree height, spread and form, available growing space, powerlines, drains and traffic are considered when selecting species.

Street trees may be selected from exotic native and locally indigenous species. This diversity of street tree species is an important factor in protecting and enhancing the urban forest in Maroondah

Renewal process

Residents of streets in Maroondah with trees that been identified as requiring renewal will be notified by Council.

Residents will be invited to share their preference on which tree species they would like to see in their street from the appropriate options selected by Council's arborist.

An application to remove the relevant trees will then go through the required planning process.

For more information on the planning application and removal process please visit our tree and vegetation removal webpage.

Further information

For further information on the Street Tree Renewal Project please contact Council's Operations Centre.

  • 1300 88 22 33  or 9298 4598
  • Maroondah City Council, PO Box 156, Ringwood, 3134.