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Domestic Wastewater Management Strategy

Council has a significant role and legislative responsibility for protecting the health of the community. We want to promote environmental best practice in the management of domestic wastewater in Maroondah.

The Domestic Wastewater Management Strategy is Maroondah City Council’s strategic plan to enhance the management of domestic wastewater by not only improving the current situation but by ensuring processes are improved to guarantee environmentally sustainable and best practice decisions are made in the future.

This Strategy provides the necessary actions to ensure that existing wastewater systems and any new installations are installed,  maintained and monitored as to protect the health of the community and the surrounding physical environment.

This Strategy, which builds on the work achieved and the priorities identified under the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan, has the following purposes:

  • to protect public health and the physical environment from the impacts of domestic wastewater
  • to promote environmental sustainability by reducing the impacts of domestic wastewater on the local receiving environments
  • to provide a mechanism for coordinated domestic wastewater planning, community education and compliance monitoring by  Council and other stakeholders.

Council has undertaken an administrative review of the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan in line with the new Environment Protection legislative framework commencing in July 2021.  A further consultative review will be conducted in 2023.


Domestic Wastewater Strategy  (pdf, 2MB)

Domestic Wastewater Strategy  (docx, 5MB)

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