Street selling permit application form

Council supports street selling by local businesses where the activity encourages healthy lifestyles, enhances the vibrancy of the area, encourages local business and is not in direct competition with other traders.

About Street trading and activities

Application process

1. Prepare required documentation:

Public Liability (Certificate of Currency):

  • noting Maroondah City Council as interested party, and
  • see form for level of coverage required. 

If selling food from a vehicle, attach a copy of a Food Act registration number or a copy of your permit.

If selling food from a stall, attach a copy of your FoodTrader permit.

2. Apply for Street Activities Permit

By email, in person or by mail

Step 2.Submit your application, all required documentation and applicable fee

3. Assessment

If approved, you will receive your permit by mail within 10 business days of your application being received.

Street selling permits must be renewed annually.

Fees and charges

A permit fee applies. See Local Laws fees and charges