Temporary storage container permit application

You need to apply for a permit when placing a container on a naturestrip. 

A Temporary Storage Container permit permit allows you to have a storage container on a naturestrip for a maximum 5 days while you load or remove items.

Your responsibilities

To apply for a Temporary Storage Container permit:

  • you must demonstrate that the owner of the temporary storage container has current public liability insurance
  • a site plan must be submitted to Council illustrating sufficient clearance for pedestrians 
  • you must get your neighbours consent if the container is to be placed in front of their property.

View our info sheet to understand your responsibilities and for further details on what is required to apply for a Temporary Storage Container permit.

Temporary Storage Container Permit information sheet(DOC, 274KB)

Temporary Storage Container Permit information sheet(PDF, 238KB)

Application process

1. Apply for Temporary storage container permit

By email, in person or by mail

Step 1.Download and complete the form

Temporary Storage Container Permit application form(DOCX, 66KB)

Temporary Storage Container Permit application form(PDF, 571KB)

You can also call 1300 88 22 33 to have an application form mailed to you.

Step 2.Submit the completed form and any supporting documents

2. Assessment

We will assess your application within 10 working days of receiving the completed application form.


A Temporary Storage Container Permit costs $2,495. This includes:

  • a $495 non-refundable permit fee
  • a $2,000 refundable security bond for any damage to Council assets.

The fee covers the administrative costs of the permit and also allows for 3 inspections by Council officers.

Damage to Council assets

Damage to Council assets includes:

  • cracked or broken footpath panels
  • cracked or broken vehicle crossing panels
  • damaged street tree
  • wheel marks, ruts and holes in the naturestrip
  • broken pit or cracked lids and lintels

For information call Council’s Engineering Department on 9298 4292.