Tarralla Creek Wetlands, Reserve & Trail

Tarralla Creek features a reserve, wetlands and a 5.5 kilometre trail from Hewish Road in Croydon to Dandenong Creek.

The Tarralla Creek trail is a wide shared path for cyclists and pedestrians that runs for approximately 5.5 kilometres from Hewish Road to Dandenong Creek. 

There is access to a small local playground across the road from Tarralla Creek Reserve on Tarnagulla Road in Croydon South.

Wetland enhancement

Accessible from Norton Road and Taylors Road in Croydon, a 500 metre section of Tarralla Creek and the Croydon Wetlands have undergone major enhancement works to create a natural oasis for the community to enjoy.

Located between Norton Road and Vinter Avenue, just walking distance from Main Street, Croydon, the site has been completely transformed with the existing wetland reconstructed and extended to provide increased habitat and biodiversity.

A new bridge has been constructed over the wetland and a number of stop off points with furniture, landscape structures and amenities erected to inspire quiet afternoons by the water.

Within this section of the creek, the underground concrete drain has been removed and replaced with a natural channel. Over 80,000 ephemeral, terrestrial and aquatic plants are also being introduced to the wetland and surrounding area, further encouraging natural fauna to return to the space.

Tarralla Creek is the third site to be delivered in Melbourne Water’s Creek Naturalisation Program. Starting in 2020, the project sought to reimagine Tarralla Creek and its surrounds through an integrated partnership between the community; Council; Melbourne Water; Yarra Valley Water; and the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DELWP).

Objectives of the project included:

  • To ‘daylight’ the creek and promote opportunities to interact with the creek.
  • Provide habitat and increase biodiversity of the site.
  • Improve local and regional connections.

Council is working with project partners to enhance the area by including contemporary landscape design solutions and incorporating suggestions from the community.

You can read more about works on the Melbourne Water website

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