Outdoor fires for heating in Maroondah

Open air fire areas, such as fire pits and chimeneas, are a popular addition to our backyards in the cooler months.

Maroondah has strict rules on having open air fires to ensure they are safe and don’t cause a nuisance to others.

You can have an outdoor fire in the open air if:

  • it is for outdoor heating or cooking
  • it is in a safe and properly built device
  • the device is specifically designed for outdoor heating or cooking
  • it doesn’t cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Any other sort of outdoor fire will either require a permit or must be authorised under the provisions of any Act or Regulation or the Municipal Planning Scheme.

See more about Local Law 11

Incinerators and burning off

There are also rules around using incinerators and lighting fires for burning off: