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Maroondah Gambling Policy 2018

Council has developed the Maroondah Gambling Policy 2018 as a ‘whole of Council’ approach to preventing and minimising gambling-related harm in the community. It describes Council’s policy position on gambling in the municipality and describes three key priorities relating to service provision, advocacy and Council’s statutory, strategic and regulatory roles.

In developing this Policy, background research and lead stakeholder engagement was undertaken. This work was aimed at understanding the context, analysing the evidence, seeking both community and stakeholder input, and identifying potential policy directions.

Policy commitments

The Maroondah Gambling Policy 2018 highlights a series of policy commitments which reflect Council’s statutory roles in preventing and addressing gambling-related harm in the community:

  • Council will fulfil its various statutory roles to create and maintain a safe gambling environment and protect those at risk of gambling-related harms.
  • Council will seek to reduce the harms associated with gambling.
  • Council will transparently represent the community’s views, fears and aspirations with regards gambling in the municipality.
  • Council will implement best practice with regards the operation of gambling activities on Council-owned land.
  • Council will support initiatives that seek to prevent and address gambling-related harms.

Priority areas

The Maroondah Gambling Policy 2018 highlights three key priority areas for Council action in this area:

  1. To work in partnership with relevant agencies and stakeholders to protect those at risk of gambling-related harms.
  2. To advocate on behalf of the community on issues relating to the safety of the gambling environment.
  3. To effectively manage gambling in the municipality through relevant provisions in the statutory, strategic and regulatory framework.

Council adopted the Maroondah Gambling Policy 2018 following a period of public exhibition on 17 September 2018.


Maroondah Gambling Policy  (pdf, 2MB)

Maroondah Gambling Policy  (docx, 168KB)

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