Maroondah Extreme Sports Strategy

Extreme sports are defined as activities perceived as involving a degree of inherent risk and for the purpose of this strategy include skate, scooter, BMX and mountain bike and parkour. These activities can meet the need for challenge, risk-taking and to conquer new skills and can lead to peer acceptance and social connectedness. The challenge for Council is to find the right balance between supporting and encouraging participation and providing an environment which minimises risk and manages community expectations about safety. The scope of the strategy includes an assessment of the nine (9) existing sites across Maroondah, their usage, whether they are meeting community need and whether there are gaps in provision.

The strategy explores the key considerations affecting participation in extreme sports, including:

  • Challenge versus risk
  • Unauthorised bushland jumps
  • Infrastructure management
  • Eastfield BMX racing track location (currently located within Yarra Ranges)
  • Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (RMAC Open Space Plan) and Staley Gardens Master Plan
  • Global growth, increased diversification and competitive sport focus
  • Active transport
  • Supporting users to have a voice
  • Increasing women’s and girls’ participation 

Maroondah Extreme Sports Strategy

Maroondah Extreme Sports Strategy(DOCX, 14MB)

Maroondah Extreme Sports Strategy(PDF, 4MB)