Requirements for Businesses under the Tobacco Act

The Tobacco Act 1987 bans smoking and vaping in enclosed workplaces, some outdoor areas and outdoor dining areas and regulates tobacco, e-cigarettes and shisha tobacco.

The Tobacco Act 1987 regulates the sale, advertising and display of tobacco products and e-cigarette products by prohibiting:

  • the sale of e-cigarette and tobacco products to people under 18 years of age
  • the advertising and display of e-cigarette and tobacco products at retailer outlets (some exceptions for certified specialist e-cigarette retailers and certified specialist tobacconists)
  • the provision of free samples or incentives attached to the purchase of tobacco and e-cigarette products (e.g. customer loyalty programs)
  • and the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products in enclosed workplaces, such as retail outlets.

For more information on smoking and vaping bans in outdoor areas and dining areas, visit the State Government’s Smoke and vape-free areas page. 

For more information on the regulation of tobacco and e-cigarettes, visit the State Government’s Retailer’s page. 

For more information about the regulation of shisha tobacco, visit the Resources and factsheets page.  No smoking or Vaping signage is also available on this page.

Further information

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