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State Government Fire Services Property Levy

On 1 July 2013 the State Government introduced a Fire Services Property Levy to fund the State’s fire services. The levy replaces the old insurance-based funding model. 

The levy is collected through Council rates, which means that all property owners contribute to funding Victoria’s fire services, not just those with adequate insurance.

Who collects the levy?

The system requires Councils to collect the levy on behalf of the State Government, as part of Council’s annual rates process. 

The levy is applied to land and buildings, including those owned by Council, however the levy is not Council revenue; it is transferred directly to the State Government. 

How is the levy calculated?

There is a fixed component and a variable charge. 

Fixed component:

  • $113 for residential properties
  • $230 for non-residential properties

 The variable charge is calculated using:

  • the Capital Improved Value of the property
  • a varying rate, depending on whether the property is residential, commercial or industrial
  • a varying rate, depending on whether the property is in a Country Fire Authority (CFA) or MFB (Metropolitan Fire Brigade area). Maroondah has both CFA and MFB areas.

The State Government’s Fire Services Property Levy website has a calculator which helps you calculate how much you will pay. 


Property owners who receive a concession on their Council rates also receive a $50 discount from the total levy amount.

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