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Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been nationwide, deep and profound. The Maroondah community, along with metropolitan Melbourne, has been subjected to repeated staged restrictions to reduce community transmission.

The Plan provides a strategic overview of the intended community recovery outcomes within the Maroondah municipality in response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Both relief and recovery begin when an emergency occurs. Typically, relief is provided during and in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. Recovery is generally a longer process for affected individuals and communities. The coronavirus pandemic is a situation where responding to the emergency provision of relief and recovery occur simultaneously, which therefore provides added complexity to the planning process.

Unlike more common disasters, there is no physical damage with COVID-19. The absence of a disaster ‘footprint’ means that many of the impacts are hidden, and play out in the psychosocial and economic domains.

The priorities highlighted in this plan are based on input from over 2,800 responses to various community consultation activities  (pdf, 678KB), local social and economic data, and feedback from local agencies,organisations and specialist advisory committees and groups.

Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan  (pdf, 3MB)

Other documents 

Maroondah COVID-19 Community Consultation Report  (pdf, 678KB)

Maroondah COVID-19 Social Profile  (pdf, 1MB) 

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