Bill Wilkins Volunteer Award - previous winners

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2023 - Terri Verberne

Cr Kylie Spears, Mayor with 2023 Bill Wilkins award recipient Terri Verberne  

Terri Verberne

Terri Verberne was awarded the 2023 Bill Wilkins Volunteer Award in recognition of her remarkable impact on Scouts communities across Maroondah and the wider region.

As the Maroondah District Commissioner and Group Leader at the 3rd Ringwood East, Terri has overseen the largest Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturer program in Maroondah for the last 23 years.

Terri is also the Regional Commissioner for Mount Dandenong and is responsible for the largest Scouts region in Victoria, overseeing more than 80 Scout groups across Maroondah, Yarra Ranges, Knox, Manningham, Monash, Cardinia and Whitehorse Council areas.

A much-loved and highly respected volunteer, Terri was awarded the Silver Koala by Scouts Victoria in 2019 – an extremely rare achievement – and was also named the 2022 Maroondah Citizen of the Year.

2022 - Geoff Moss


Geoff Moss

Geoff Moss was named recipient of the 2022 Bill Wilkins Volunteer Award in recognition of his 45 years of service to Maroondah Volleyball.

Geoff has spent nearly 10,000 hours refereeing more than 9000 local league volleyball matches and has been a staunch advocate for Maroondah Volleyball’s all-abilities program, VolleyAll, as well as supporting local school and charity match events. His sustained passion for the sport and to his community for more than four decades is a remarkable feat, something which has inspired others to take up the sport and to volunteer themselves.

2021 - Pamela Catling


Pamela Catling

A love of indigenous plants and local native bushland has led to more than 27 years of volunteering for Pamela Catling, who was the recipient of the 2021 Bill Wilkins Volunteer Award.

At 90 years young, Mrs Catling has enjoyed a long association with Heathmont Bushcare and CRISP Nursery and has significantly contributed to both the preservation and rehabilitation of valued environmental areas in Maroondah.

Mrs Catling has been a champion for the protection of Maroondah’s biodiversity. Her volunteering efforts have helped propagate thousands of plants that have, in turn, improved the health, biodiversity and ecosystems of our natural bushland areas, green spaces, and our local community,

There are six bushland sites overseen by Heathmont Bushcare that have been improved over the course of her involvement, where we now have a notable increase in native plants and improved habitat for local wildlife,

Mrs Catling has also volunteered at Maroondah Hospital for 17 years and Delivered Meals for four years.

“I was just happy to be nominated, I never expected to actually win,” she said.

“I only do what I do because I love doing it so much.”

In nominating her mother for the award, Pamela’s daughter Wendy said:

“Pam is an inspiration to other volunteers. Her commitment to CRISP and continuous involvement in both the work and social aspects of the nursery are admired by many of our younger volunteers and members.” 


2020 - Dr Graeme Lorimer


Dr Graeme Lorimer

In 2020 Dr Graeme Lorimer became the second person to receive the Bill Wilkins Volunteer Award in recognition of his 32 years of volunteering in Maroondah.

Dr Lorimer’s has maintained an outstanding contribution to the community as a dedicated educator and conservationist. His extraordinary volunteer work has led to many positive environmental outcomes within Maroondah. His dedicated and continued work has been recognised on a global sale.

He has been a tireless campaigner with enormous persistence for the conservation of the Kilsyth South Spider-orchid, which is considered to be one of the rarest plant species on earth. If not for his hard work and diligence, the species would likely have become extinct many years ago. 

2019 - Fay Lawn

Fay Lawn 2019 Bill Wilkins award winner

Fay Lawn 

Mrs Lawn was chosen from 13 candidates in recognition of her 49 years of volunteering with Meals on Wheels; 39 years with Maroondah Hospital and as a spiritual care volunteer supporting people through rehabilitation.

Fay is a compassionate and dedicated volunteer, with a sustained commitment to volunteering in numerous capacities that has contributed immeasurably to the strong and wonderful community base we have here in Maroondah.

A humbled Mrs Lawn said she was proud to have been chosen as the first person to receive the award.

“I’m very excited, but I don’t feel like I deserve it,” Fay said.

“There are so many volunteer jobs in the community that I’ve been privileged to do and it’s been a wonderful experience in my life. And I hope that I have in some way contributed to people of Maroondah.

“It's good for people that you are able to help and it’s good for you. You get to know so many people and knowing that they are appreciative of you, even if what you do doesn’t seem all that remarkable.”

Fay said she’ll keep volunteering as long as she can. “As my mother used to say, it’s better to wear out than rust away”.

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