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Changing the story to promote gender equality together project

In 2017, a research project was undertaken by Maroondah, Knox and Yarra Ranges Councils and Inspiro Community Health Service in partnership with nine local sporting clubs across the three municipalities. The purpose of the project was to identify the practical actions sporting clubs can undertake to promote and normalise gender equality within their clubs, and help change the story of violence against women.

A key outcome of the project was the development and pilot of a Gender Equity Audit tool, the production of a short film and an online resource for sporting club committees titled Equality is the Game!

Short film: Equality is the Game!

The short film Equality is the Game! highlights the stories of local clubs across a range of codes who have implemented changes to promote gender equality and the benefits they have experienced.

Sporting Club Committee Resource

The resources highlight the practical actions clubs can undertake to contribute to the prevention of violence against women by creating safe, equal and respectful environments for all members, particularly women and girls.

Sporting Club Committee Resource(PDF, 5MB)

Creating a place for women in sport – Sporting Club Self Assessment Tool

The Creating a Place for Women in Sport & Recreation Gender Equity Self Assessment Tool is a refinement of the Gender Audit Tool initially piloted as part of the Our Codes Our Clubs Project which has been reviewed and redeveloped by Yarra Ranges Council, Inspiro and EACH in 2018.

The resource is a practical tool to help clubs identify strengths and opportunities to promote gender equality.

The tool aims to assist clubs to recognise how they are going in relation to gender equality and to look at different areas of their environment, including leadership, club culture, membership and engagement, volunteers and employees and facilities.

It provides an opportunity for clubs to learn and discuss ways it can create environments where women and men can equally participate in sport and physical activity. The tool also includes an opportunity to record key successes and areas for improvement via a club action plan. 

Further information

For further information or assistance with undertaking the assessment, or if you're involved in a sporting club and think it could benefit from this initiative please contact Jeanette Ingram, Sports and Recreation Planning and Policy officer on 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598.