Abandoned or unregistered vehicles

The Local Government Act 1989 empowers Council to impound abandoned or unregistered vehicles left in a public place.

Maroondah City Council will consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it is:

  • unregistered
  • registered but has not been moved for two months
  • damaged and not in a roadworthy condition.

Is it registered?

You can check if a vehicle is unregistered on the VicRoads website

Report an abandoned or unregistered vehicle

If you see a car you believe to be abandoned or unregistered:

  • note details, including where the car is parked, a description of the car, and the car's registration (if it has a number plate)
  • contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 for investigation.

Report an abandoned or unregister vehicle online

What happens next?

  • If the vehicle is deemed abandoned, an officer will attach an Abandoned Vehicle Removal Notice with a set timeframe for removal (usually 7 days).
  • If the vehicle is illegally or dangerously parked it may be given 24 hours for removal.

Impounded vehicles

If an unregistered or abandoned vehicle is impounded it will be towed to Shift Towing & Transport, located at 89 Garden Drive, Tullamarine. They can be contacted on 1300 884 623.  

The vehicle must be collected within 28 days of being impounded and a release fee will be payable.