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Personal Interest Returns Summary

At section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020 (LGA), Council is required to publish on its internet site a copy of the summarised personal interests.

The summarised personal interests must:

  • include the town or suburb, but not the street address or number of the land that is the place of residence of a person as disclosed in the personal interests return
  • include the matters prescribed by the regulations (ie name, date of declaration, all positions held including directorships etc)
  • exclude the matters required by the regulations to be excluded (ie income, shares, street address etc)
  • be prepared in accordance with the manner prescribed by the regulations.

Personal Interest Returns Summary  

Personal Interest Returns Summary-CEO and nominated officers  (pdf, 485KB)

Personal Interest Returns Summary-Councillors  (pdf, 450KB)

Personal Interest Returns Summary-CEO and nominated officers  (xlsx, 32KB)

Personal Interest Returns Summary-Councillors  (xlsx, 25KB)

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