About Maroondah City Council

Our Local Government School Kit helps primary and secondary school students who are looking for information about Council and the role of councillors.

This section looks in more detail at Maroondah City Council, its wards, councillors and mayor.

About Maroondah

Maroondah City Council is one of 79 councils, or municipalities, in Victoria.

Maroondah was established in 1994 when the smaller cities of Ringwood and Croydon joined with parts of Doncaster, Templestowe and Lillydale. Maroondah covers 61.4 km2 and has a population of 115,000 however this number is forecast to grow to 133,526 by 2036.

'Maroondah' is a First Australians' word that means 'throwing' and 'Maroon' means 'leaves'. This name was chosen by the State Government because the Maroondah Highway is the major road linking the east and west of the municipality.

Wards and councillors

Maroondah City Council is divided into areas called 'wards'. Three councillors are elected from each ward, and they are responsible for representing the people who live and own property in Maroondah.

Our Mayor

The Mayor is the leader of the Council and is elected each year by our councillors. The Mayor’s job includes being in charge of Council meetings and attending many events across the municipality, such as festivals, school awards, gallery exhibitions and the opening of new facilities like the Aquanation.

The Mayor, along with the other councillors, are paid an allowance for the work they do on Council, but it's not their full time job. They take on this extra responsibility because they want to play a part in local government and feel strongly about issues in their community.

Who can be a councillor?

Anyone can be a councillor as long as they are over 18 and eligible to vote in State and federal government elections. They must also win enough votes!

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