What does Council do?

Our Local Government School Kit helps primary and secondary school students who are looking for information about Council and the role of councillors

This section gives an overview of what Council does. Maroondah City Council provides community services and facilities for our residents using the money we raise. We are also responsible for making and enforcing local laws.

Look around and you'll see your Council at work everywhere.

Council programs and services

  • The school crossing supervisors work at keeping you safe.
  • Immunisation sessions are available to make sure you don't catch diseases like measles, polio and hepatitis.
  • Youth workers plan holiday programs and under-age entertainment.
  • Youth workers also give young people advice on education, employment and personal problems.
  • Council staff plan the events and keep the buildings and grounds in top condition at Karralyka.
  • Council staff run activities for all ages at the Wyreena Community Arts Centre and Croydon Leisure Centre.
  • Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers deliver low-cost meals mainly to elderly people living alone.
  • Council workers repair roads, footpaths and street lights, and replace signs.
  • Garbage trucks remove rubbish from outside houses and businesses every week.
  • Parking officers make sure people obey parking restrictions so that car-park spaces are available for as many people as possible.

Council facilities

  • The Council operates two libraries in Maroondah.
  • Swimming pools are run by office staff, lifeguards and swimming teachers.
  • Gardeners keep the plants in our parks, gardens and public places attractive and colourful.
  • Senior citizens centres offer activities to retired people or simply a place to go for a chat.
  • There are childcare centres where parents can leave their children during the day knowing they will be well looked after.
  • Ringwood Golf Course is kept in top condition by Council staff.