Contact Council's Community Health Unit on 9294 5603 about the incorrect removal of asbestos. 

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is the name given to a group of fibrous silicate minerals that can potentially cause lung disease if inhaled. 

Asbestos can be found in a number of products used in the Australian Building Industry between the 1940s and late 1980s, and in the brakes, clutches and gaskets of many cars. 

The most commonly found household building materials that contain asbestos are asbestos-cement products (also called 'fibro' and 'AC Sheeting') 

Generally the presence of asbestos in home building materials does not pose a risk to health unless the material is broken, deteriorating or disturbed in such a way that dust containing asbestos fibres is produced. 

Asbestos removal

Special precautions should be taken by anyone needing to disturb any asbestos. 

As a householder, you may carry out minor repairs on asbestos materials, as long as the recommended safety precautions are followed. This includes the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as disposable protective clothing and a disposable P2 mask or half-face filter respirator. 

Once the material is removed it needs to be carefully packaged into 2 layers of 0.2mm thick polythene sheeting, tied, sealed, labelled “Caution Asbestos” so it is ready for disposal.  

You can only dispose of asbestos at an EPA approved and licensed site

Further information

For further information on asbestos removal or disposal see the EPA website