Selling and breeding pets

Are you selling dogs or cats? You need to know the laws around breeding and selling pets.

Microchip identification

It is an offence to advertise a dog or cat for sale, or to give away, unless the advertisement includes the animal’s microchip number and a source number generated by the Pet Exchange Register

Offences will apply to both the person selling the pet and the publisher that has published the non-compliant advertisement.

Breeding animals

Do you have:

  • 3 or more fertile female dogs, or 
  • 3 or more fertile female cats, and
  • do you sell dogs or cats (whether you make a profit or not)? 

If so, you are now considered to be a 'breeding domestic animal business'. 

Register with Council, or you risk being fined.

Further information

  • Contact Council
  • Call the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources on 136 186