Maroondah Public Lighting Policy

The Maroondah Public Lighting Policy provides guidance on the design, installation and management of public lighting within the City of Maroondah. 

The policy applies to public lighting:

  • within a Council-managed road
  • within a Council reserve
  • Council car park
  • adjacent to Council buildings.

Key actions

Council is undertaking a series of key actions to support the Lighting Policy. These include:

  • Develop a program of proactive maintenance and assessments of metered public lighting assets.
  • Ensure faults are investigated within 10 days.
  • Continue to replace 50W and 80W unmetered standard mercury vapour street lights with LED street lights.
  • Proactively explore renewal projects for unmetered street lighting that offer environmental and/or financial benefits.
  • Advocate to AusNet for the approval of wider range of energy-efficient non-standard fittings.
  • Advocate to AusNet for the approval of an LED retrofit lamp and carry out a small-scale trial of lamps.
  • Advocate AusNet Services for the approval of a wider range of light spill controls.
  • Advocate to AusNet Services for the approval of a wider range of colour temperatures for LEDs (3000K-4250K).
  • Include best-practice recycling and waste disposal requirements in any tender or RFQ for public lighting works, including evidence of appropriate recycling and/or disposal.

Maroondah Public Lighting Policy

Maroondah Public Lighting Policy(DOCX, 1005KB)

Maroondah Public Lighting Policy(PDF, 297KB)

Associated documents

Maroondah Public Lighting Position Paper

The Public Lighting Position Paper was developed to inform the management of Council’s public lighting assets. Consultation and a review of Council policies within the context of best practice public lighting asset management has established a set of key positions and recommendations.

Maroondah Public Lighting Position Paper(DOCX, 26MB)

Maroondah Public Lighting Position Paper(PDF, 3MB)

Maroondah Public Lighting Guidelines

The guidelines:

  • inform and guide Council’s decisions on where and when public lighting is needed, and what sort of lighting should be installed
  • ensure sustainable lighting principles are consistently applied to new public lighting installations, replacements and repair programs
  • communicate Council’s public lighting minimum efficiency and standard design requirements.

Maroondah Public Lighting Guidelines(DOCX, 2MB)

Maroondah Public Lighting Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)