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Asset Protection Permit application

  • Road, footpath and naturestrip

An Asset Protection Permit is needed when a Building Permit has been issued or building or demolition works are proposed. For more information about when a permit is required and the full process, see Asset protection

You can apply for an Asset Protection Permit online or by mail. We encourage the builder to apply for the permit as the permit holder is considered to be responsible for the site.

An application fee and a bond will also need to be paid. See fees

1. Apply for a permit

  • Apply and pay online

    Please ensure the correct information is provided at the time of application as providing incorrect information will delay your application process. You will first be asked to enter the site address:
    Apply online
  • Apply by mail

    Applying by mail will increase processing time and may delay your building works. Please enclose a cheque for the appropriate fee and bond with your application and post to PO Box 156, Ringwood, 3134:

2. Site inspection

Council officers will inspect Council assets and infrastructure before the start of works to determine if there is any pre-existing damage.

3. Permit issued

If your application is approved, Council will issue the permit and provide a copy of the pre-condition report.

Please allow up to 10 business days for the application process.

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