Walk to School

Walk to school illustration.png

Children like to walk and our streets are places for them to walk, play and connect with each other. Frequent walking and the practice of pedestrian safety is good for a child’s health, activity, social interaction, safety and independence.

To encourage children to walk often, Council and local schools work together to support walking to school. Our approach is to make streets near schools walkable and develop pedestrian safety skills in children from an early age by:

  • construction of footpaths and bicycle paths to schools.
  • supplying school crossings and school crossing supervisors.
  • prioritisation of street tree planning along routes to schools.
  • calming of speeds and parking along streets near schools.
  • participation in events that promote walking, such as Walk Safely to School Day and Walk to School Month.
  • provision pedestrian safety courses to primary schools.

The footpaths, bike paths, pedestrian crossing and safety programs make walking more accessible, enjoyable and safe for families. Eventually, the demonstration of safe walking by children can give parents the confidence to permit independent walking by children.

Further information

For more information about walking or other ways to get to school,  contact our Transport and Sustainability Planner on 9298 4452.