Drainage issues and responsibilities

Stormwater from structures and paved surfaces on your property is collected by your property's private drainage system and flows to a nominated point of discharge.

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of drainage up to and including the point of discharge to Council’s stormwater drainage system. See a diagram below showing drainage responsibilities and locations.

Private and Council drains 

The point where your stormwater runs off your roof and discharges into Council’s drainage infrastructure is the point of discharge (also known as the Legal Point of Discharge). 


Council’s stormwater infrastructure then conveys the water to Melbourne Water’s main drainage system and on to creeks, rivers and eventually Port Phillip Bay.

Stormwater does not include wastewater from basins, sinks, showers, baths, laundries, toilets and swimming pools. These items must be connected into the sewerage system, not Council's drainage system. For wastewater queries, contact Yarra Valley Water.

Who to contact if there are issues

Issue Who to contact 
Blocked or broken Council drain

Report a drainage issue

If it's an emergency, contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week),

Blocked or leaking private drain  Contact a plumber.
Burst water mains, burst sewerage or issues with water supply
Contact Yarra Valley Water on 132 762. 
Water coming onto your land from a neighbours property Speak with your neighbour to find a solution or contact Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria

Damaged or broken pit lids 

Example of pit lid

Report damaged or broken pit lid

Alternatively call Council on 1300 88 22 33.

Other services assets
Utility service lids are owned by other authorities such as Telstra, Ausnet or Yarra Valley Water.

Example of utility service lid

We appreciate your assistance in notifying us of broken utility service pit lids. It is helpful if you can:

  • Report the exact location of the pit, such as street name and number.
  • Identify the lid by their owner name, which should be printed on the top, for example Telstra, Melbourne Water, United Energy etc.
  • Make the area as safe as possible until response crews arrive. 

 To notify us, please phone Council on 1300 88 22 33.