Legal Point of Discharge

Stormwater collected on a property is drained to what is known as the ‘legal point of discharge of a property’. Collected stormwater is then released to a drain.

The Legal Point of Discharge is typically a Council drain, either within the property's easement or within the street, the kerb and channel, or an open earth drain abutting the property. See a diagram below showing drainage responsibilities and locations.

You will need to identify the location of the legal point of discharge on your property before submitting some plans to Council. 

Apply for your Legal Point of Discharge statement

To apply, complete a property information application, either online or in writing.  You will need to select the section on the form relating to Building Regulation 133(2).

Private and Council drains 

The point where your stormwater runs off your roof and discharges into Council’s drainage infrastructure is the point of discharge (also known as the Legal Point of Discharge). 


Further information

Contact Council’s Engineering team to discuss Legal Point of Discharge on 1300 88 22 33.