Maroondah’s cultural heritage

Black and white photo of classic cars sitting inside Bill Patterson Motors in 1959
Courtesy State Library Victoria: Bill Patterson Motors, Maroondah Highway, Ringwood ; Wolfgang Sievers 1913-2007 photographer.;1959

What is cultural heritage?

The term ‘cultural heritage’ or ‘heritage’ refers to places and other heritage assets that reflect or embody valued aspects of our history and cultural identity that we wish to retain for the benefit of current and future generations.

Heritage encompasses both the best of every era, as well as places of historical significance that have shaped our City.  It extends to all parts of the built environment, from the houses we live in, the places where we go to school, work and shop, to those where we come together for commemoration, worship and leisure. In some cases, the uses of these places have changed and the buildings adaptively reused, such as former churches and factories.

Going beyond the built environment, heritage includes natural assets like landscapes, home and market gardens and trees, and intangible heritage such as the memories of long-established families, devotion to local sporting teams, and the traditions and ceremonies that bring us together.

The community’s understanding of what constitutes heritage continues to evolve and expand over time.

Why do we need to protect heritage places and assets?

Heritage places provide a sense of connection to the lives and experiences of the people who have lived in Maroondah before us.

These heritage places and objects:

  • Form part of the historical record as well as an important part of the community’s identity.
  • Tell us about who we are and the events that have shaped the world we live in.
  • Enrich the life of the community and are irreplaceable once lost.
  • Add character and interest to our neighbourhoods and help to create the sense of ‘place’ that is so important to Maroondah’s residents.

Heritage is of such importance that it is recognised and protected through the planning system. This involves using planning controls in the Maroondah Planning Scheme to protect known heritage assets from inappropriate development. In Victoria, all three levels of government - Federal, State and Local - have different roles in identifying, managing and protecting heritage places.

To find out more about how heritage assets are protected under Maroondah Planning Scheme please visit the Heritage Planning page

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Further information

For further information please contact Council's Strategic Planning team on 1300 88 22 33 or visit our offices at Realm, 179 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.