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Eye of our Ancestors

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Eye of our Ancestors presents five Indigenous female artists who poignantly reflect on their relationship with heritage.
Eye-of-the-Ancestors.jpg Charlotte Allingham, Sacred Flames will burn bright, 2018, A1 Digital print on 300gsm watercolor paper


  • Charlotte Allingham
  • Deanne Gilson
  • Genevieve Grieves
  • Kelly Koumalatsos
  • Amanda Wright

About the exhibition

Eye of our Ancestors presented the work of five Indigenous female artists who poignantly reflected upon, and proudly advocate for, a deeper relationship with heritage. The driving force behind each of their individual practices is a vital social activism and the creation of a powerful sense of cultural identity.

Charlotte Allingham, Deanne Gilson, Genevieve Grieves, Kelly Koumalatsos and Amanda Wright each deliver a strong connection to culture within their work, one that has been developed through the process of making; be it through working with traditional colours, symbolism or materials. Traditions are astutely re-defined through contemporary media to create courageous visual messages.

Reconnecting with, and reclaiming cultural practices, is a common thread throughout each of the artists here. Narratives of history are reframed by revisiting the violence and shame that has been forgotten and re-connecting with these voices. Only then can de-colonisation begin.

Through these works, connections with both individual and shared cultural heritage are forged, and past events mourned. New narratives are relayed with a vibrant contemporary voice and bold vision for the future. Listening to the past is listening to our Ancestors.

Installation images

Photography by Andrew Curtis. 

Date and Time

  • Monday, 04 March 2019 - 9.00AM to Sunday, 28 April 2019 - 5.00PM
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