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Barking dogs

Dogs that bark excessively can quickly become a source of irritation and annoyance for neighbours and others.

Nuisance barking

A problem such as nuisance noise from barking dogs can often be resolved if you approach the owner of the dog and explain the effects of the dog barking. 

The dog’s owner may not realise that the barking is causing an annoyance to other people:

  • The dog may only bark excessively when the owner is not home.
  • The owner may not hear the barking from some areas in their house.
  • The owner may be a very sound sleeper and has not woken when the dog barks.

Make a complaint

Our Barking Dogs information leaflet explains in detail what can be done about a barking dog, and how to proceed with a formal complaint. 

Barking Dogs Information Leaflet - What you and Maroondah City Council can do  (pdf, 232KB)

Barking Dogs Information Leaflet - What you and Maroondah City Council can do  (doc, 308KB)  

To make a complaint to Council you need to:

  • have advised the dog owner of the nuisance
  • identify the address where the dog resides and a description of the offending dog/s
  • provide information requested by the Council Officer. 

Contact Council to formally lodge a complaint. 

If your dog is barking

There area number of approaches you can try to stop excessive barking:

  • Ensure that your dog has adequate exercise, is not bored and has play time with you.
  • Make sure that your dog has food, water and shelter from the weather.
  • Don’t let your dog inside or give it attention when it barks.  Instead, give them attention when it is quiet.
  • If your dog is barking at people or noises on the other side of a fence, move it to another part of the yard
  • If your dog is barking at people it can see passing by, try blocking its view.
  • If your dog barks at regular disturbances such as children walking to school or rubbish trucks, keep it inside or in an enclosed area at these times. 

Citronella collars can also be used as a learning tool to help control the barking of a dog. This method may not be successful for all dogs. Instructions for use should be carefully read to ensure maximum efficiency from the device. 

Citronella is a natural spray, and is not toxic to animals. Citronella collars may be purchased from pet stores or over the internet.

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