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Equally Active Strategy

Women and girls need to feel safe, supported and encouraged to undertake regular physical activity, improving their physical and mental health and social confidence.

Making a positive impact on participation rates will take more than just encouragement and provision of opportunities, it requires a shift in attitudes by women and girls and by those who can support them to have the time and freedom to be regularly active.

The Equally Active Strategy builds on the recommendations of Council’s 2015 - 2020 Physical Activity Strategy which highlighted women as a specific population which will require targeted actions to make a positive impact on the current low physical activity levels. 

The strategy contains 24 priority actions which will involve a wide range of Council service areas. The strategy will be reviewed in two years to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the actions.

Equally Active Strategy

Equally Active Strategy - Summary  (pdf, 1MB)

Equally Active Strategy - Summary  (docx, 656KB)

Equally Active Strategy  (pdf, 4MB)

Equally Active Strategy  (docx, 786KB)  

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