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Maternal and Child Health information videos

First food for babies

Tarny, one of our Maternal and Child halth Nurses, has some great information on introducing solid food to your baby.

Baby settling

Tracey, one of Maternal and Child Health nurses, talks about how to establish and develop a daily routine based on the feed/play/sleep model.

Breastfeeding support program

Our breastfeeding support program is now online and our lactation consultants can help with attachment issues and feeding challenges. Our Enhanced MCH Service is also available for families who are needing additional suport.

Early Parenting Program

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Maternal and Child Health nurses are still providing much-needed support to new parents, but now it's online! As we know, babies don't come with instructions, so new parents can continue to have one-on-one contact with an MCH nurse to discuss all the joys and trials of first-time parenting - such as settling babies; establishing routines; or deaing with any emotional challenges. The Early Parenting Program runs every Friday and is catered to families with children aged birth to 12 months.

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