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Community Grants Funding Program recipients

The Community Grants Funding Program offers annual grants schemes to incorporated, not-for-profit community groups on an annual basis. 

View the recipients of our 2021/22 Grant Funding Program below:

Community Development Grants - 2021/22



Allocated amount

Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)

"Green Thumb" Chinese Senior's Gardening project

$ 4,272.00

Chin Community Victoria Inc

COVID-19 Recovery and Essential Information

$ 5,000.00

Maroondah Interfaith Network

Developing a Compassion Community

$ 3,000.00

Crossway Baptist Church

Crossway Ringwood EAL

$ 4,000.00

Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN)

Maroondah Youth Careers Expo 2021

$ 5,000.00

Ringwood Highland Games Inc

Traffic Management & Stage & Equipment hire

$ 2,500.00

Croydon Men's Shed


$ 2,099.00

Ringwood and District Historical Society

Centenary of Greenwood Ave MFE

$ 3,500.00

Australian Martial Arts Foundation (AMAF)

Martial Arts Programs for Kids

$ 5,000.00

Maroondah Business Group Incorporated

Confident Communication for Woman in Business

$ 5,000.00

Cancer Patients Foundation

Look Good Feel Better Program

$ 5,000.00

Croydon RSL

Croydon RSL Branch Photo Copier

$ 4,500.00

Stroke a Chord Choir

Program costs

$ 1,650.00

Maroondah Volleyball

Good Friday Volleyball Tournament 2022

$ 1,700.00

All Stars Choir Inc.

Hall hire rent

$ 4,000.00

St Vincent de Paul Society Inc.

School materials for children

$ 3,500.00

Ringwood Spiders All-abilities

Sports Club

Ground fees

$ 3,701.00

CHBC Links Inc.

Community Facility Upgrade

$ 5,000.00

The Onemda Association

Training for people with

intellectual disabilities

$ 4,794.07

Light Community Baptist



$ 2,295.00

Inclusive Music Theatre Inc.

Rehearsal Space

$ 1,502.00

Eastern Ranges Retirees Inc

Venue Hire

$ 880.00

Greek Elderly Citizens Club of Maroondah

Annual Group Activity Project

$ 3,500.00

Clock Tower Community Club Incorporated

Social services for seniors

$ 3,500.00

Chokhlei Tennis Club

Tennis Lessons for Chin Communities

$ 5,000.00

Eastern All-abilities Netball Incorporated

Eastern All-abilities Netball

$ 1,564.00

Small equipment grants - 2021/22



Allocated amount

Glen Park Community Centre Inc

Uniform and School supplies resources

$ 750.00

Singapore Merlion Club

Merlion Club Administration, Operations and Events

$ 750.00

North Ringwood Community House Inc

Comfortably Connect

$ 750.00

Ringwood Movie Makers Inc

Purchase and erection of 2 speakers

$ 750.00

Maroondah Preschool

Maroondah Preschool Printing

$ 750.00

Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club

Contribution to Probus Club Activity Group administration costs

$ 560.00

Ringwood East Senior Citizens' Centre Inc.

Seniors Equipment

$ 479.00

Eastern Sirens Synchronized Swimming

Increasing Club Participation and Awareness

$ 260.00

1st Mooroolbark Scout Group

First Aid Kits

$ 550.00

North Ringwood Playgroup Inc.

Foyer Cabinet

$ 150.00

Heathmont Uniting Church Community Lifestyle Centre (HUCCLC)

Smart Phone upgrade

$ 697.00

U3A Croydon

Promotion display screen

$ 620.00

Arrabri Community House

New Sit/Stand Desks

$ 738.00

3rd Ringwood East Scout Group

Cooking equipment for VICJam 2022

$ 550.00

Life Activities Club, Croydon Inc

Club Operations: Speaker and Microphone

$ 354.00

Kurboroo Kindergarten

Kurboroo Equipment

$ 735.00

Sharing Hope Ltd

Digital and Graphic Design laptop

$ 750.00

Red Caps Golf Inc.

Purchase of new HP Laptop Computer

$ 750.00

Yarrunga Community Centre

Data Projector and screen to improve access to information within programs and community activities

$ 750.00

U3A Ringwood Inc

U3A Ringwood Offset Ongoing Communication Costs

$ 750.00

Arrabri Kindergarten

The purchase of a new PC for the teachers office

$ 750.00

Ringwood Garden Club

RGC Technology upgrade

$ 650.00


Emergency relief grants - 2021/22



Allocated amount

Kiosk Soup Kitchen

Kiosk Soup Kitchen

$ 3,570.00

Vinnies Croydon Conference.

A hand up for people in Croydon

$ 7,000.00

Winter Shelter

Winter Shelter 2021

$ 7,000.00

Croydon Uniting Church Helping Hand

Helping Hand Emergency Relief

$ 5,000.00

ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA Supporting Food Insecurity

$ 7,000.00

St.Vincent de Paul Society Victoria Inc (Holy Spirit Conference Ringwood North

Continuation of service

$ 5,000.00

Croydon North Uniting Church

Croydon North Community Meals

$ 7,000.00

Hope City Mission Inc

Hope On Wheels

$ 7,000.00

TLC Support Inc.

Addressing Food Insecurity

$ 3,750.00

Parents Without Partners (Vic) Community Services Inc. t/a Tamminya House

Bunk Beds

$ 3,431.00

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Ringwood

Good Shepherd Community Meal Project

$ 3,000.00

The Dining Room Mission

Dining Room Mission meal service

$ 3,400.00


Community Development Grant recipients 2019/20

  • Australia Chin Community (Eastern Melbourne) Inc. 
    Night English Language Program for seniors 
  • Crossway Baptist Church 
    Venue hire for conversational English classes for Chinese community

  • Sharing Hope Ltd 
    Youth Leadership capacity building for Karen and Australian born youth. and policy development 

  • South Sudanese Christian Welfare Association (Maroondah Southern Sudanese Association)
    Website development and settlement support

  • Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)
    Cool Kids and Rainbows Program 

  • Heathmont East Preschool 
    Heathmont East Preschool 50 Years Celebration 

  • Maroondah Toy Library 
    New sensory-friendly toys 

  • North Ringwood Pre-School 
    Bush Kinder, wet weather provisions

  • Brentwood Park Kindergarten
    Creating Connections - collaborative art project 

  • Great Ryrie Primary School 
    Showcase garden of  Maroondah indigenous plants 

  • CHBC 
    Links winter shelter 

  • Ringwood Ballet Group Inc. 
    Coppelia free matinee performance 

  • Maroondah Interfaith Network (MIN)
    Harmony day seminars 

  • Ringwood Highland Games Inc (RHG) 
    Community event celebrating Scottish culture and heritage

  • Opus Twenty One (Eastern Suburbs Community) Big Band Incorporated 
    Big Band By The Lake concert series 

  • Maroondah Movement for Reconciliation Inc 
    The future and Aboriginal culture forum 

  • Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place Inc 
    Harmony Day event

  • Spectrum Journeys Inc 
    Carers and Educators Autism Conference 

  • Wellways Australia 
    Pathways to home - homeless outreach program

  • Elisha Care Inc 
    Computer purchase 

  • Heaven's Joy Australia Incorporated 
    Retreats offering support 

  • Zion House for Women 
    Shine Program - Empowering Women 

  • Eastern Regional Access Television Incorporated 
    Venue Hire 

  • Croydon Hills Community Men's Shed
    Equipment purchase 

  • Ringwood Community Church 
    Community meals project 

  • Ringwood Prostate Cancer Support Group Inc. (RPCSG) 
    Venue hire 

  • Ringwood Spiders all-abilities sports club
    Venue hire 

  • Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association 
    Venue hire 

  • Inclusive Music Theatre Inc. 
    Venue hire 

  • All Stars Choir Inc 
    Equipment purchase 

  • Stroke a Chord Choir 
    Venue hire, annual concert costs 

  • iDareU Limited 
    Carer "Me" Day 

  • Croydon Stroke Support group 
    Venue hire 

  • North Ringwood Care 
    Perishable foods and youth support projects 

  • Croydon Uniting Church Helping Hand 
    Emergency food relief and vouchers

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Ringwood 
    Community meals service 

  • St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria Inc. 
    Educational costs support 

  • The Dining Room Mission Inc 
    Community meals service 

  • TLC Support Inc. 
    Emergency food relief 

  • The Freedom Initiative Incorporated 
    Refridgeration for emergency food relief 

  • Glen Park Community Centre Inc 
    Community meals service 

  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Ringwood North 
    Home visiting for emergency relief and support 

  • St Vincent de Paul Society - Croydon Conference 
    Home visiting for emergency relief and support 

  • Hope City Mission Inc. 
    'Seasons of Hope' emergency relief community garden

  • Sport & Life Training Ltd (SALT) 
    Mental health and life skills training sessions 

  • Eastern Sirens Synchronized Swimming Club Inc. 
    Trial program for men 

  • Clocktower Community Club Inc 
    Social services of seniors 

  • Maroondah Italian Senior Citizens Club 
    Italian seniors community building project 

  • Greek Elderly Citizens Club of Maroondah 
    Greek seniors social activity program 

  • Eastern Ranges Retirees Inc. 
    Venue Hire at Federation Estate 

  • Ringwood Secondary College 
    Bounce into Mental Health Carnival 

  • Mountain District Learning Centre 
    'The Cottage program' at Evs for Maroondah young people

 Small Equipment Grants recipients 2019/20

  • Arrabri Community House Inc.
    Replacement fridge for portable facility
  • U3A Ringwood Inc
    Offset printing costs
  • St John's Kindergarten
    Outdoor plants for verandah nature zone
  • Croydon Ranges Football Club
    'Home Uniforms' for Burmese refugee soccer program
  • 7th Ringwood Scout Group
    Replacement seating
  • Ellie V Pullin Preschool
    Children's sports equipment
  • Red Caps Golf Incorporated
    Printing services
  • Victorian Masters Athletics Inc.(Croydon Venue)
    Update field equipment
  • Arrabri Kindergarten
    Garden maintenance equipment
  • The Skylarkers Inc
    Venue hire
  • 3rd Ringwood East Scout Group
    Laser printer and toner cartridge
  • Croydon North Kindergarten
    Disability accessible adjustable table
  • German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria - Eastern Branch
    Lap top, scanner, photocopier costs
  • First Friends of Dandenong Creek
    Venue hire, website hosting , general admin
  • Ringwood East Senior Citizens INC
    Light weight wheel chair
  • Croydon North Cricket Club
    Promotional banners
  • Maroondah Pre-School
    Printing costs
  • Vedanta Centre
    Laptop purchase
  • Croydon Junior Football Club
    Sporting equipment
  • Central Ringwood Community Centre
    Maroondah Community Houses - promotional banners



Community Development Grants - 2020/21

Organisation Project Amount allocated

Maroondah Interfaith Network

Building Community – Seminar Series


Life Saving Victoria

Virtual Reality & 'Sink or Swim' Aquatic Safety & Survival Programs for Youth


Maroondah Toy Library

New Large Sensory-Friendly Toys



Gross Motor Activity Play


The Babes Project

Birth and Baby Packs for at-risk families


Croydon Historical Society Inc

WW2 Veterans from Croydon and District Saluting your service


Maroondah Symphony Orchestra Inc

Purchase of sheet music for the Orchestra


Maroondah Voice

Website Development for Maroondah Voice


Neighbourhood Connect

Let's Get Neighbourly, Maroondah!


Ringwood Ballet Group Inc.

Cinderella - Matinee Performance for the Community


Ringwood Highland Games Inc

Dance stages, Folk Tent, Traffic Management & Stage & Equipment hire


3rd Croydon Scout Group

2020 Accessibility, Group Events, & Equipment Program


All Stars Choir Inc

All Stars Choir Funding Request


Croydon Stroke Support Group

Weekly rent


iDareU Ltd

Creating a World of Opportunity Through Technology


Inclusive Music Theatre Inc.

Maintaining Rehearsal Space for All Ability Performers



Oscars100 All Abilities Community Run Club


Ringwood Prostate Cancer Support Group

RPCSG rent funding


St Vincent de Paul Society, Croydon Conference

Vinnies at home assistance


St Vincent de Paul Society Inc

Education is a basic human right


Stroke a Chord Choir Celebrate $2,050.00
Wellways Australia Limited Improved access to healthcare for rough sleepers $5,000.00
Greek Elderly Citizens of Maroondah Annual Group Activity Project $3,500.00
Maroondah Italian Senior Citizens Club Italian Maroondah Senior Citizens Community Building Project $3,500.00
Eastern All-abilities Netball Incorporated Eastern All-abilities Netball $2,420.00
Norwood Sporting Club SALT (Sport And Life Training) sessions and Learning-In- Practice Activities to integrate our Juniors in the community $4,600.00
Parkrun Inc (T/A parkrun Australia) Parkrun for Maroondah $5,000.00
Ringwood Spiders All-abilities Sports Club Ringwood Spiders All-abilities Sports Club $4,085.00
Ringwood Spiders All-abilities Sports Club Ringwood Spiders All-abilities Sports Club $4,085.00
Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association Hire of Basketball Court $2,838.00
Croydon Community School
Aquahub Empowerment Program $3,131.00
Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN) Careers for Youth Forum $5,000.00
SYC / HYPA CareFactor $3,000.00
The MISFIT Project Pop Culture Conversation Club Online Platform $2,242.00

Small equipment grants - 2020/21



Amount allocated

Red Caps Golf Incorporated.

Continuation of Printing Services for Non-Computer Literate Members.


Vocal Vibes Chorus

Vocal Coaching


East Ringwood Football Club

Purchase of printer and editing software to help the club produce our own promotional materials


Tarralla Kindergarten Association Incorporated

Purchase of iPad


Maroondah Preschool



Family Access Network

Peer Leadership Program


Nth Ringwood Community Children's Centre Inc

New Kitchen Fridge for NRCCC


St Johns Kindergarten

Prams for play


Lipscombe Park kindergarten

Distance learning


Maroondah Volleyball

Maroondah Volleyball State League Program


Glen Park Community Centre Inc

Community pantry resources


Ellie V Pullin Preschool Equipment for bush kinder program $464.00

Emergency relief grants - 2020/21



Amount allocated

New Community Ringwood

New Community Meals


CHBC Links Inc

Winter Shelter


North Ringwood Care

North Ringwood care - Emergency Relief and Support


ADRA Vive Cafe



Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Ringwood

Good Shepherd Community Meal Project


Hope City Mission Inc

Emergency Relief Central HUB (Stairway to hope)


The Freedom Initiative Incorporated

Feed Maroondah



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