Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021–2025

Maroondah City Council is committed to developing an age-friendly community where everybody can fulfil their potential regardless of age and actively participate in all aspects of community life. The Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021–2025 has been developed to guide and assist Council to continue to take a leadership role in the progress of actions to make Maroondah a vibrant and renowned age–friendly city in which to live, work and play over the next five years.

Positive ageing embraces the idea of being active, connected, valued and respected as we grow older in our community. The Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021–2025 aims to build on the foundational success established as an age–friendly city and address the current challenges faced by an ageing population.

The six key priority areas identified for the next five years are:

  • Social Connections 
  • Community 
  • Quality of life
  • Safety and security
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Respect

Each of these areas have strategies and key actions attached that enable the progress of the Framework until 2025.

Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021-2025

Positive Ageing Framework and Action Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 4MB)

Developing an age-friendly community

This framework is also supported by the foundational concepts within the:

  • Age Discrimination Act 2004
  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
  • Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
  • Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2019–2023
  • Local Government Act 2020
  • Gender Equality Act 2020
  • Maroondah City Council COVID-19 Survey 2020

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Further information

For more information regarding positive ageing or to receive copies of the Framework, please contact the Active & Healthy Ageing Coordinator on 9294 5790.