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Swimming pools, gyms and golf in Easy English

Our Easy English pages give you information that is clear and easy to understand. They are designed for people that find it hard to read, because of a disability or when English is not their main language.

Maroondah City Council

There are lots of places to be active in Maroondah

At Aquanation and Aquahub


Swimming pool

You can swim 


or go to the gym.

Mobile phone

Call Aquanation on 9298 4600

Call Aquahub on 9294 5500

+ see the website


At Croydon Memorial Pool

 Swimming pool You can swim
 Mobile phone


Call the pool on 9294 5500

+ see the website

At Dorset Golf and Ringwood Golf courses

Ringwood GolfDorset Golf entrance

Man playing golf

You can play golf.


Mobile phone


Call Ringwood Golf on 9294 5555

Call Dorset Golf on 9298 4500

+ see the website


At The Rings

Netball players You can play basketball and netball inside.


Mobile phone

Call The Rings on 9298 4487

+ see the website


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