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Build over easement application form

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You need to apply for consent for construction works over a private property easement that is vested in Council’s interest.

About building over an easement 

Apply to build over easement

Fee: $299.80

Please note: retrospective approval will be $449.70. 

Apply online

Apply online to build over easement

Apply in writing

Alternatively, download a form below: 

Application to Build Over Easement  (pdf, 133KB)

Application to Build Over Easement  (docx, 259KB)

  • Post your application form and payment to:
    Engineering Services
    Maroondah City Council
    PO Box 156
    Ringwood 3134
  • Hand deliver your application and payment in person at:
    Realm, 179 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.
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