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Siting dispensation – Report and consent application form

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The building regulations do allow for some flexibility in the siting of buildings and fencing heights. Where a building design is required to comply with the siting requirements, but does not, an application may be made to Council for a Report and Consent (commonly referred to as a Dispensation). 

Dispensations are assessed against the Minister's Guideline MG-12 (PDF), with the objective of ensuring that the proposed variation respects the existing or preferred character of the neighbourhood and is consistent with the heights, setbacks and design of existing fences and buildings in the immediate area.

You should submit the following with your dispensation application:

More about siting requirements and dispensations

Apply for a siting dispensation

To apply for a siting dispensation for front fencing or boundary setbacks, please use the Siting dispensation – Fencing height or boundary setbacks form.

Apply online

Application for Siting Consent  (docx, 370KB)

Application for Siting Consent  (pdf, 530KB)

  • Post with cheque or money order to PO Box 156 Ringwood 3134
  • in person at a Customer Service Centre

Adjoining owner's comments

Where adjoining owner comments are required, please use the Adjoining Owner Comment Form.

If you are unsure whether you are required to obtain Adjoining Owner’s Comments, or for more information about how to apply, please contact Building Services on 9298 4327.

Adjoining Owner's Comment form  (docx, 340KB)

Adjoining Owner's Comment form  (pdf, 219KB)

Further information

Contact Building Services for further information on 1300 88 22 33.

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