Apply for a building permit

Most building work in Victoria requires a building permit. A building permit must be obtained before work commences on any project.

Get advice

Our Building Services team can advise on building regulations for works such as alterations, pools, sheds and fences. 

Call 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598 to discuss building regulations and the permit application process.

Request planning information

Before applying for a building permit, you should also contact Council's Planning Services on 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598 to see if your project may require a planning permit.

We recommend that you obtain this advice in writing by using our planning information request form.

Application forms 

Apply for a Building Permit

Amend a Building Permit application

Building checklists

There are a number of supporting items you may need in order to obtain a building permit. 

We have prepared the following checklists as a guide, however we also recommend you discuss the process with a Building Surveyor as requirements may vary.  

Building a deck, pergola and verandah(PDF, 131KB)

Building a dwelling extension, addition or conducting alterations(PDF, 128KB)

Building a front fence(PDF, 119KB)

Building a garage, carport or shed(PDF, 131KB)

Building a retaining wall(PDF, 118KB)

Building a swimming pool, spa and barrier(PDF, 137KB)

Draftsperson/Architectural plans

It is recommended you contact a draftsperson or architect to have these properly prepared and drawn to metric scale.

These plans must include:  

  • A Site plan of at least A3 size (1:200) showing:  
    • All property boundaries dimensioned to accord with the title 
    • A North point  
    • The location of the site to the nearest street corner 
    • The location of existing buildings and the proposed structure and its setbacks from the side, rear and front boundaries 
    • The location including the side, rear and front setback of existing buildings on the adjoining properties 
    • The location of any easements on the site 
    • The setback of the proposed structure from easements or assets 
    • The location of existing and proposed downpipes 
    • The height of boundary fences (Overlooking Regulation 84
    • The extent and location of all site excavations or filling 
  • A Floor plan (scale 1:100) showing:  
    • The dimensions of the proposed structure (length x width) 
    • The location of existing buildings that may be located adjoining or nearby the proposed structure, like doors that step out onto a deck 
    • The location of stairs associated with the proposed deck 
  • Elevation plans (scale 1:50) showing:  
    • The slope of the land 
    • The height(s) of the floor level of structure from natural ground level 
    • The height(s) of the subfloor (beneath bearers) from natural ground level 
    • the proposed setbacks from boundaries, existing buildings, and assets (i.e sewer or drainage pipes) 
    • Location and detail of stairs, handrails, and balustrades showing compliance with Part 11 of the Housing Provisions within the NCC 2022 
  • Section plan showing:  
    • Type of footings proposed (i.e. stumps and posts) and the size and founding depth 
    • Stump layout 
    • Bracing layout 
    • Overlooking diagrams (Overlooking Regulation 84
    • Method of termite protection (physical or chemical spray) 
  • The Timber/Material Schedule in accordance with AS1684 showing:  
    • Sizes/timber grades and spacings/spans of materials  
    • Evidence of construction compliance  
    • Finishing material of roof and roof pitch  

A Timber-Framed Schedule must address the following:  

  • Type of footings proposed (i.e stumps) and the founding depth;  
  • Stump layout;  
  • Slab design in accordance with AS2870 Residential Slabs and Footings  
  • Bracing layout;  
  • The construction details of the Extension, Addition or Alterations:  
  • Sizes and grades of materials in accordance with AS1684 (i.e 190x45 MGP10)  
  • Evidence of construction compliance with the Residential Timber-framing code AS1684.  

Structural engineer drawings, computations and a Certificate of Compliance is required when including the following building materials:  

  • Steel framing  
  • Suspended slab  
  • Masonry  
  • Waling plate attached to brick veneer  
  • Retaining walls associated with the deck/verandah  
  • Non-conventional decking/verandah design (i.e. hyspan member)  


This information is provided for information purposes only. Maroondah City Council does not accept any liability to anyone who may rely on this information. Please check all information provided here before relying upon it and if necessary obtain your own independent or professional advice. 

Further information

For more information on permits please call Council on 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598:

  • If you are enquiring about a Building Permit please ask for Building Services.
  • If you are enquiring about a Planning Permit please ask for Planning Services.