VicSmart planning applications

What is VicSmart?

Planning permits in 10 business days

VicSmart is a fast track planning process for straightforward planning permit applications.

VicSmart applications follow a shortened version of Council's planning process and are subject to the normal appeal process if you disagree with Council's decision.

VicSmart applications are:

  • decided within 10 business days
  • exempt from advertising and VCAT appeals involving neighbours
  • exempt from referral to external authorities*
  • subject to a shorter set of planning policies (decision guidelines) for Council to consider.

Is my application VicSmart?

There are a set number of types of applications that qualify for the VicSmart process.

See statutory fees for VicSmart applications.

The types of applications that often qualify for VicSmart are:

  • Remove, destroy or lop one tree

  • Extension to one dwelling on a lot in a residential zone

  • Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots

  • Display a sign in a commercial, industrial or special purpose zone

  • Realign a boundary between two lots

  • Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space

  • Construct a front fence in a residential zone

  • Construct a building or works in a zone

  • Construct a building or works in an overlay

  • Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay

  • Minor subdivision or buildings or works in a Special Building Overlay

  • Reduce a car parking requirement.

*Special Building Overlay applications must obtain pre-approval from Melbourne Water before being submitted to Council.

A full list of VicSmart Application types, including special conditions and information requirements that must also be met for your application to qualify, is in Clause 59 of the Maroondah Planning Scheme – State VicSmart Applications.

How to apply for VicSmart

To lodge a VicSmart application, simply follow the normal process for lodging a planning application. Once Council has received your application, we will automatically fast track it if it qualifies for VicSmart.

You can help streamline this assessment by submitting a completed VicSmart checklist with your application. Completing this checklist helps you to ensure you have gathered and submitted all of the required information.


There are checklists available for each category to ensure you have the required information for the class of VicSmart application.

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