Planning appeals - VCAT

You can make an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) against a planning decision or a failure to make a decision. 


  • People that have objected to a planning application have 28 days to appeal from the date Council's decision is issued.
  • Applicants for a planning permit have 60 days to appeal from the date of Council's decision.

The decision of VCAT is final unless there is a dispute over a point of law. 


A fee is payable to VCAT for appeals made. Fees may be waived in cases of financial hardship. Full details are available on the VCAT website

Notes regarding lodgement of appeals

  1. If a number of people appeal jointly, the name and address of a person to whom notices are to be sent should be shown.
  2. Appeals are made using an Application for Review form. You can lodge your appeal at the office of the Registrar, VCAT during office hours or send by post.
  3. You may attach any further detail which supports the appeal to the Application for Review.
  4. Any person who has lodged an objection in writing against the granting of a permit may then appeal against a decision to grant the permit. The appeal must be lodged within 28 days after Council's decision has been issued. 

Read more about time limits for lodging applications at VCAT.

Lodgement of Appeals

Appeals can be lodged:

  • by post:
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    Planning and Environment List
    GPO Box 5408
    Melbourne VIC 3001
  • in person:
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    7th Floor, 55 King Street,
    Melbourne, 3000
    Phone 1300 01 8228
    Fax 9628 9789 

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