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You can see information on planning applications that are currently advertised, are being assessed, or that have had final decisions made on them.

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Advertised planning permit applications


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Current planning permit applications


View and track the status of applications currently being assessed by Council.


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Planning application decisions


Search the Planning Register for decisions from 2013 onward.


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Current VCAT Appeals

scales-of-justice.jpg View applications and plans currently subject to a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Appeal.


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These reports display the current status of the application. Anyone can use this information to see what is being proposed at a particular property, the final decision made on the application or whether subject to review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Applicants and property owners can use this register to track the status of their application.

Terms used in planning application lists

Status of current planning applications

Applications will progress through the various stages below during the course of assessment. Not all applications will require every stage and the order in which stages are performed may vary.

Council has received the application.

Initial Assessment
Council are undertaking an initial assessment of the application. This includes an assessment of the stages required for an application, including an assessment of if further Information is required.

Further information to be submitted
The Information submitted with the application was insufficient for Council to make its decision and Council has requested further information from the applicant.

Further Information submitted
The applicant has submitted Further Information and Council is assessing if the submitted information is satisfactory.

Advertising Preparation
Council is preparing documentation including public notices, signs and letters to conduct Public Notice / Advertising of the application

On Advertising
Public Notice of the application is in progress. This may be in the form of letters to surrounding and abutting neighbours, signs on site and publication of the notice in the local newspaper. The public may make submissions and objections to an application at this stage.

Planning Consult Meeting
Invitations to attend a meeting to discuss the proposal with the Ward Councillors, have been sent to the applicant and objectors to the application.

Under Assessment
Council’s planning assessment report is being written. This is the final stage before a decision is made. Submissions and Objections to applications are also being considered at this stage.

Certified Plan Approved
A plan of subdivision has deemed satisfactory, but subdivision process has not yet been completed.


Status for planning permit decisions

A Planning Permit has been issued as the application has been approved either by Council or Victorian Civil and Administrative tribunal (VCAT)

The application has been refused either by Council or Victorian Civil and Administrative tribunal (VCAT).

Notice of Decision
Notification to applicants and objectors that Council intends to approve an application. Objectors may choose lodge an appeal to VCAT within 28 days of the issue of a Notice of Decision (NOD). If there are no objector appeals lodged within the 28 day period, Council will issue a Planning Permit. An applicant may also elect to appeal conditions within 60 days of the issue of the Planning Permit.

S.O.C. Issued
Statement of Compliance (S.O.C) has been issued as the subdivision has been assessed as meeting all Planning permit conditions. The Plan of Subdivision may now be registered with the Titles Office.

Subject to Appeal
The application is currently under review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative tribunal (VCAT)

Further information requested has not been received by the due date and the application has lapsed.

Application not Required
The proposal has been deemed to not have required a Planning Permit.

Application Prohibited
The proposal is prohibited due to the planning controls that apply to the land.

The applicant has withdrawn the application.

Social Housing
Applications for Social Housing being assessed and determined by the Minister for Planning.

Further information

Submissions and objections to planning applications