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Maps of Maroondah

We have a variety of maps to help you explore the City of Maroondah, located in Victoria, Australia, near Melbourne.

My Maroondah 

Maroondah Wards

My Maroondah allows you to enter an address and see what's near you.

Use My Maroondah to find out your rubbish bin night, ward information, your closest parks, schools, services and more.

Open my Maroondah

Maroondah Ward Boundaries

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Maroondah City Council has 9 wards: Barngeong, Bungalook, Jubilee, McAlpin, Tarralla,  Wicklow, Wonga, Wombalano and Yarrunga

Each ward is represented by 1 councillor, giving a total of 9 councillors.

View ward boundaries




Maroondah interactive transport map


See key features and facilities in Maroondah and the best way to get there.

Our interactive map shows the footpath network, bus routes, bike paths, walking trails and even features such as park benches.

View our interactive transport map

Online mapping

GIS map of Maroondah

Search for any property within the City of Maroondah in our online mapping system.

This mapping system will show you your Planning Zones and Overlays, your ward and councillor information, garbage collection days, and nearest services.

Enter a simple address search, or look for a park or reserve. You can also find a property by using the zoom and pan functions.

Online mapping

Maroondah's location and suburbs

maps-of-maroondah-wheres-maroondah.jpgView a simple map showing Maroondah's location and a list of the suburbs that make up our municipality. 

Where is Maroondah?

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