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To raise a parking concern:


  • Railway carparks: You should address your concerns to Public Transport Victoria. They have a feedback and complaints area on their website
  • Large shopping centre carparks: For carparks such as Eastland Costco, Ringwood Town Square, issues should be reported to the management directly. Some centre management details can be found in our Community Directory
  • Council carparks: Submit your suggestion or issue online:

Submit a parking suggestion or issue

Street parking

  • To suggest new parking restriction, or request a change , fill in an online form:

Suggest or change a restriction

  • To report parking breaches that you would like our officers to investigate, report possible parking offences:

Report an offence

Caravan and truck parking

It is illegal to park any type of vehicle over 7.5 metres in length on a roadway for more than 1 hour. 

Parking around schools

Many schools have drop off zones or specified parking areas that motorists need to be aware of. 

Our officers often attend and patrol school parking areas at the request of local schools, due to concerns that traffic offenders compromise the safety of the schoolchildren. Parking fines are mailed to offenders.

You can report school parking breaches that you would like our officers to investigate:

Report an offence

General suggestions

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