Fireworks on Council Land Policy

Council is committed to ensuring that all events held on Council owned or managed land are safe, accessible, well planned and consider and manage potential impacts.

Council will provide a clear application process, checklist and supporting guidelines to articulate the requirements event organisers must meet when applying for a fireworks permit on Council land.

The policy aims to:

  • provide guidance on the manner in which Council will consider applications for fireworks on Council land and buildings
  • provide a safe environment for the public to view firework displays on Council land
  • ensure community event organisers undertake appropriate planning when having fireworks on Council land. 

Fireworks on privately owned property

Only licensed pyrotechnicians are allowed to handle fireworks. Fireworks are banned from use by the general public as they can cause serious injury and even death.

 A permit from Council is not required to set off fireworks on private property.

Pyrotechnicians need permission from the Victorian WorkCover Authority which issues licenses to qualified pyrotechnic contractors.

They must fill out an online form that needs to be submitted to WorkSafe at least seven days before discharging fireworks.

The pyrotechnician will also need to notify the CFA, which will weigh up the fire risk especially if during a fire danger period.

All fireworks are automatically cancelled on total fire ban days.

To report illegal use of fireworks contact Victoria Police if the matter is urgent, or Worksafe Victoria on 1800 136 089. 

Fireworks on Council Land Policy

Fireworks on Council Land Policy(DOCX, 167KB)

Fireworks on Council Land Policy(PDF, 373KB)