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Croydon Traders Parking Permits

As part of the Croydon Major Activity Centre Parking Strategy, Council has developed a Croydon Traders Parking Permit scheme.

  • Croydon traders can purchase a maximum of 4 parking permits per business for use amongst staff.
  • Permit holders will be permitted to park in designated Permit Zones as marked on the parking restrictions map.
  • Permit holders will be permitted to park in the Hewish Car Park (behind Croydon Cinemas, as marked below) in the event Permit Zones are full.
  • Parking permits are valid until 30 June each year (pro rata amount is payable if purchased from 1 January - 30 June). 

Please note: Croydon Traders Parking Permits do not apply in the 3 hour parking within the Devon Street Car Park.

Parking restrictions map

Croydon Carpark Map (with Labels)

Map updated January 2022.

Download a larger version of the  map

Croydon parking restrictions map - printable version  (pdf, 710KB)

Permit Zone and 3 hour parking signage

Croydon Traders Parking signage examples.jpg

Apply for a parking permit

Application forms for Croydon Traders Parking Permits

Note: Application forms must be endorsed by a current committee member of the Croydon Traders Association

Further information 

For further information on Croydon Traders Parking Permits, contact Council on 1300 88 22 33. 

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