Food safety training and information for food businesses

It is essential that all staff working in the food industry have adequate skills and knowledge to handle and sell safe food.

Training opportunities

Food Safety Supervisor Training

Everyone who works in a food business or handles food for sale is responsible for the delivery of safe food to their customers. All Class 1 food premises, most Class 2 food premises and Class 3A food premises must nominate a competent Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) for their business to be registered with Council.

The nominated FSS must meet minimum food safety training competencies for the food sector they work in and have a Statement of Attainment from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), to provide to Council upon request.

To see if your food business requires a FSS, or to see the FSS minimum competency standards, please visit the Department of Health website

'Do Food Safely' training

Do Food Safely in an online food safety training course especially designed to enable food handlers to safely work with, and handle, food. 

Please note, this training is a free, non-accredited online training program and cannot be substituted for accredited food safety supervisor training. It is an excellent resource for all food handlers in the business and contains information on:

  • why food safety
  • personal hygiene
  • food handling
  • food contamination
  • food delivery, storage and display
  • cleaning and sanitising
  • food allergens

Read more or access the course

The course is available in a number of languages.

Allergen awareness training

All food businesses have a responsibility to ensure that employees are aware of how to manage allergens in the food business, prevent cross contamination, understand their obligations to meet customer needs and ensure safe food is provided to every customer. 

Read more on food allergen awareness and an Allergen and Intolerances

Council’s food safety training

Council’s Community Health team offer food businesses and community groups onsite food handler training upon request.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • causes and sources of food poisoning
  • personal hygiene
  • hand hygiene
  • safe food handling
  • minimising food safety risks
  • food processes
  • temperature control
  • cleaning and sanitising
  • managing allergens and much more

This training program is designed for food handlers as either an introduction or a refresher. It is not an accredited course for meeting the Food Safety Supervisor competencies.


  • Community Health Education Seminar (2 Hours) - minimum group 10 people - $304
  • Community Health Education Seminar (2 Hours) - per person over minimum - $30

If you are interested and would like to arrange a booking, please email or call the Community Health Team on 9294 5603.

Council’s Community Health Team have also complied the following two videos to support you through a food safety risk assessment and to provide further information on why food safety is so important in your business.

Further information

For any additional general food safety information for food businesses, please visit the Department of Health website or contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 1300 88 22 33. 

Read more on Food Safety Risk Assessments (FSRA) - Maroondah City Council