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New food premises registration

Any business involved in the sale or preparation of food and located in the municipality, must register its premises with Council.

Register your food premises

To register your food premises with Council:

  1. Submit a New Food Premises pre-application form

    New food premises pre-application form

    To assist with assessing your application, provide information on the type of food you will be preparing and selling, a plan of the premises identifying the fittings, finishes and workflow of the premises.   Your application will be assessed for compliance with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 3.3.2 Food Premises and Equipment and Food Act 1984 requirements. A Community Health team member will contact you to discuss your application.

    Once your application is received an invoice for payment will be emailed to you. Applications will be processed within 10 business days. 

  2. Other Council permits
    You may require other Council permits for your application. View our Starting or Growing Your Business page for further information on permits you may need.

  3. Fit out your business

    Once your application is assessed and approved, you can fit out the food business knowing you are meeting all requirements. This also prevents structural changes being requested at the registration inspection. 

Application to register

If your business meets requirements satisfactorily at the registration inspection, you will be given permission to trade following the lodgment of an Application to Register and payment of applicable fee.

Class 4 - Low Risk Packaged food only - Notification

If you are purchasing a low risk packaged food premises, you must notify Council by completing a notification form instead of registering. 

Notification Form for Class 4 Food Premises  (doc, 866KB)
Notification Form for Class 4 Food Premises  (pdf, 590KB)

Please complete the notification form and email it to


Pre-Application Fees

Class 1  $365
Class 2  $365
Class 3  $247
Class 4  No fee 
Large manufacturers or supermarkets $472
Very large restaurants/cafes/hotels/clubs $370

Registration Fees (annual renewal) 

Class 1 $651
Class 2 $540
Class 3 $405
Class 4 No fee
Large manufacturers or supermarkets $2,605
Very large restaurants/cafes/hotels/clubs $767

Please note: these fees are subject to change each financial year. 

Classification of premises

Class 1 and 2 food premises must also submit a food safety supervisor certificate and maintain an appropriate food safety program on site.

Starting a food business?

To learn more about the processes involved when starting a food business, the DHHS Food Safety Unit has two animations to help. The text is also available in four languages (Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and Hindi)

Starting a food business

Thinking of setting up a market stall or mobile food vehicle?

See more about registering temporary or mobile food premises

Further information

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