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Animal registration application form

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State legislation requires that all dogs and cats be registered with Council by the age of 3 months. Registrations are due on 10 April each year.

See more about about animal registration

See registration fees

First time registration fees are charged pro rata, so your registration fee will be calculated based on how close to renewal you are. If paying online, this will be calculated automatically, otherwise contact Council to find out the required payment.

Are you a dog or cat foster carer? Find out about reduced registration fees if you enrol with the Foster Carers Voluntary Enrolment Scheme

Register your pet online

To do this you will need to provide proof of the following:

  • microchipping
  • desexing
  • that your dog is a guide or customs dog  

Register your pet online

Register your pet by mail or in person

Fill out the application form and

  • mail to:
    Maroondah City Council
    PO Box 156, Ringwood 3134 

Animal Registration Application form  (docx, 60KB)

Animal Registration Application form  (pdf, 201KB)

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